Back to the streets

Monster kills
June 2019

Hall of fame
Top Clans
Kills  Score 
 Player Level TurfClan Kills BrainsScore
1 CuckooTuna41 Chicago        624229
2 CrazyWingsOakland     51863
3 fanneighOakland     51853
4 Frogatall1Proving Grounds    31040
5 Pajik001Proving Grounds    31035
6 fahneNewbie Arena    1323


 Player Level TurfClan Kills BrainsScore
  funny14 Multiverse     1167137
  FayeSitter18 Multiverse     726116
  peeboi10 Multiverse     84191
  partytitsMultiverse     83676
  FannyMultiverse     51853
  GoatRoperMultiverse    31045
  GoatGroperMultiverse    31040

Back to the streets
Score = Brain Bits + Level * 5
Kill higher level players for many brain bits.
Kill players of your own level for some brain bits.
Don't bother killing lower level players.
Help a pile kill a player for a few bits of brain.

Hall of fame

Brainchef is a free online Human vs Zombie survival game that you play in your browser. There are no downloads or plugins, just online zombie hordes and weapons. (Chainsaws, hatchets, staplers...) Join this free fun game and kill MMORPG HvZ zombies online!