This is a real live human player.

Attacking a player takes four turns
Level: 7
Kills: 5
Weapon: bare hands
Turf: Oakland
Back to the streets
dapoopah looks pretty brave
Kill Log
Alias: Annie
Quote:"I spend 40 minutes on the stair master every morning, so somebody better lick my ass."
Least Favorite Words:I'm not into ass.
Location:Where you want it.
I believe:your husband would rather eat my ass, than look at your sorry, old pussy.
Style:face down, ass up.
Favorite Move:Grinding a man's face, and guiding his tongue where I want it.
Player ID: 44345
Last Login: 2017-08-01

Third player to level (7)

#2 Bacterial Zombie killer (2)

#6 Steel Coated Gameshow Host killer (1)

#6 Pair of Bunny Slippers killer (1)

#4 Crushed Zombie killer (1)

Back to the streets