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 Player Level TurfClan Kills BrainsScore
1 covfefe12 Oakland     47262322
2 pasmarote32 Chicago      20129289
3 CuckooTuna40 Chicago      2057257
4 abagodan32 Chicago          1696256
5 cheeto12 Oakland     27148208
6 cheata16 Oakland     2596176
7 Debi13 Oakland     1156121
8 maggie12 Oakland     51878
9 UhzoneProving Grounds    31045
10OmariNewbie Arena    0010


 Player Level TurfClan Kills BrainsScore
  Urrp16 Multiverse     2072152
  stinks13 Multiverse  Scent of Decay   1560125
  Beva12 Multiverse     1050110
  Pipa12 Multiverse     847107
  Viki12 Multiverse     73090
  c1aw7l12 Multiverse     52686
  MulvaMultiverse     62464
  EazyMultiverse     51853

Back to the streets
Score = Brain Bits + Level * 5
Kill higher level players for many brain bits.
Kill players of your own level for some brain bits.
Don't bother killing lower level players.
Help a pile kill a player for a few bits of brain.

Hall of fame

Brainchef is a free online Human vs Zombie survival game that you play in your browser. There are no downloads or plugins, just online zombie hordes and weapons. (Chainsaws, hatchets, staplers...) Join this free fun game and kill MMORPG HvZ zombies online!