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Brainchef is a free MMORPG Human vs Zombie game you play in your browser. There are no downloads or plugins, just zombies. Join the free fun zombie killing MMO game! FAQ

2015-09-04 There have been 7 returning logins since Midnight PST
Fri 00:19
[+Level 11+] toutatis
Thu 23:44
Bravery Turns Dispersed
Thu 23:04
Bravery Turns Dispersed
Thu 21:13
Amalek kills maggie
Rig R Mortis High
Thu 21:13
Amalek attacks maggie
Rig R Mortis High
Thu 21:10
[+Level 12+] Amalek
Thu 19:54
[+Level 20+] muddyrnan
Thu 19:28
[+Level 14+] CuckooTuna
Thu 19:11
[+Level 13+] Dickbutt
Thu 17:44
Bravery Turns Dispersed